Mission statement

Trakker Middle East has been pioneering telematic solutions for well over 13 years within the gulf region. IoT is the future and the future starts today. Trakker is the first company in the gulf to use IoT in order to provide more value for our customers. We always strive to be on the cusp of innovation.

Our Work


TME is one of the very few companies that provides clients with complete solutions for managing heavy machinery and equipment. Using the most rugged devices and sensors we help you track, manage and maintain all your heavy equipment. Our solutions also help you optimize your operations and save costs by keeping track of actual working hours of the machines and equipment. 

Operations in remote locations and harsh environments require reliable and rugged products that perform when needed. Safe and efficient operations are key to the energy industry, especially those involved with Oil and Gas exploration and production. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) programs are crucial components for worker safety and uptime of facilities, plant and equipment.


Asset tracking is our specialty. Whether it’s a fixed asset or a mobile one, large or small, we can track it all. Our high-tech tracking solutions not only help you track but also monitor KPIs of all your assets. Our solutions include GSM, RFID and BLE tracking which means we can give you accurate locations of everything you need to keep an eye on.

As one of the leaders in the tracking industry, TME provides the most efficient and cost saving solutions for the logistics and distribution industry. We provide high-end tracking and management solutions that help you keep track of all your vehicles, inventory and workforce.

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